Information on login with digital certificates

What is login with digital certificates?
Digital certificates are certificates in a digital world. They can exist in different platforms and are used variously. An important step in usage on digital certificates for personal and corporate is the release of digital certificates for mobile phones and debit cards. Digital certificates that are released for debit cards and mobile phones meet with requirements for Icelandic and European laws. Digital certificates go by the most secure technology there is and are aimed to increase security in digital communication. Digital certificates are used for authentication and signing electronic signatures.
What do I need to do to login with a digital certificate?
To be able to login with a digital certificate, you need a debit card with a microprocessor and a card reader linked to your computer. You also need a PUK number, which is a security number linked to the digital certificate. You can get it by going in Settings > Digital ID in the internet bank.
Where can I get further information on digital certificates?
Further information on digital certificates may be found on